endangered species

Marmosets and Sloths

We have three new animals since I last wrote to you: An adult marmoset who was confiscated in the port of Iquitos, another three-toed sloth baby who was confiscated on the street, and an adult three-toed sloth.The adult sloth was dropped at my veterinarian’s by a lodge owner. He had taken the animal out of its habitat and hung it near the bungalows of his lodge as an extra attraction, but I don’t know what he hung the animal on. It fell and broke its hip and its right arm. My veterinarian first thought the animal would die, but after having…

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Marmosets & Ocelots

December 17, 2004 Here’s a picture of one of the marmosets. This was taken inside the house; we don’t dare put them outside yet—the other monkeys would play with them for a while and then throw them away. The tiny monkeys love to cling to the bigger ones, but, after some time, the bigger ones don’t like that. AND a photo of our last newcomer—a tiny potos flavus—a little “Kinkajou.” It’s a tiny bear, still a baby, brought to us by some children whose father had hunted the mother. Now the baby is an orphan. I’m not sure yet if…

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Official Custody Centre!

Finally! All the papers from the government are ready. WE ARE NOW AN OFFICIAL CUSTODY CENTRE!! November 12, 2004 We are busy working on the construction of another cage for small monkeys and one for parrots as these are the animals most confiscated. Because our project is recognized by the government we have to present an Annual Operating Plan describing our future activities and we indicate one house reserved to quarantine animals when they are sick and to store medicines and another house as storage for food. Besides we have to have empty, but ready, cages. This has to be done…

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