Thanks To Our Donors

Sabine and Klaus Marion: Friends from Germany who helped us with moving the manatee to the Orphanage Mrs. Demeter Kraanj, Poland Dianne Levy: In honor of family and friends Alan and Janine: Volunteers from England (Image right, below, feeding the tapir.) Girls on Top from Australia: Jade, Emma and Saffy, who established and stocked a gift shop for Pilpintuwasi. Take a few minutes to read their story of their visit to the Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi. Dreessen, Kris: The Friends Project: While working with scientists in the Yavari/Loreto region, a $50 donation to help care for a baby howler monkey. Guy…

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2006: Argus & Junior

April 1, 2006 Right now I just wanted to send you some pictures of the latest arrivals — Argus and Junior. Argus (shown below) is a Howler Monkey and Junior (above) is a Capuchin. Two weeks ago we received the donations from Girls Down Under in Australia and now people in the village are making the fence posts for us; we already bought 100 posts and 10 rolls of barbed wire and nails to be able to begin. So next week we’re going to start the work. Love, Gudrun Howler monkeys are named and known for the loud, guttural howls…

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