Map of Iquitos Peru.Amazon Animal Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm

For all enquiries:

Tel: +51 901387552 (call or connect via What’s App)

Address- Padre Cocha Iquitos, Peru


We are open Tuesday to Sunday for Visitors

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

International Tourist:
– Adults 30 soles
– Students 15 soles
– Children 5 soles

National Tourist:
– Adults 20 soles
– Students 10 soles
– Kids 5 soles

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm.

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm in Padre Cocha (located on the Nanay river) is a day trip from Iquitos. It is a 20-minute boat ride from the BellaVista-Nanay area. In the dry season, it takes about 15 minutes to walk from the boat landing to the Farm. In the wet season (December to April), the boat travels all the way to the farm.

From Iquitos centre, take a tuk-tuk to BellaVista-Nanay and take the regular ‘shuttle boats’ from the dock. From the dock at Padre Cocha you can take a tuk-tuk or walk. In the dry season, it takes about 15 minutes to walk from the boat landing to the Centre. In the wet season (December to April), the boat may travel all the way to the farm.

Many tour companies include Pilpintuwasi in their itineraries. Please check with your travel agent or travel organizer or contact Qoyllur Tours.

When to Visit Peru

May to November:
The dry season lasts from May to November and is typically recommended for visits; however, this is also the coolest time of year at night.

June, July and August:
The most common months to visit, which means larger crowds during these months. The shoulder seasons, April to June or September to November often offer the best of both worlds with fewer crowds and warmer temperatures than the peak of the dry season (although you will still encounter a little rain).

December to April:
The wettest season with showers three to four afternoons a week. If you do not mind sprinkle and muddy trails, this time of year offers greener hillsides, with wildflowers and orchids in bloom, such as the Oncidium above.

Holidays (We are still open)

  • January: New Year’s Day
  • March: Good Friday, Easter Monday
  • May: Labour Day
  • June: St Peter’s and St Paul’s Day
  • July: Independence Day
  • July: Independence Day Celebrations
  • August: St. Rosa of Lima
  • October: Battle of Angamos
  • November: All Saints Day
  • December: Immaculate Conception
    December: Christmas

22 Comments on Contact

  1. Kathy Sulgrove | April 24, 2020 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do there. We visited in February of this year, and were fortunate to meet Gudrun. We also enjoyed the tour very much. When I returned home to the US, I set up a small fundraiser for the center, and people donated. Hopefully, others could do this also. I know the money goes for such a great cause. Anyone visiting Iquitos should definitely come for a visit. Thanks again.

  2. Juliette Wilms | June 16, 2019 at 6:49 pm | Reply

    Dear Mariposario Pilpintuwasi,

    We were in Iquitos yesterday and heard of your rescue center and butterfly farm. We heard about that fake butterfly farm and told our guide 5 times we wanted to go to the real one (yours). I realize now that he still tricked us into the fake place. At the time, I was not really sure if I was in the fake place or your rescue centre. Now that I see the description, my guide clearly took me in the wrong place. I read on the internet that they get paid to do that? I am now back to Lima and I am really disappointed I missed out your centre. I don’t really know what you could do to avoid that in the future but this farm still cheat on tourists. I really wish I had given my money to your centre instead.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. I’ve looked on your website and still can’t figure out how to get there from Iquitos

    • From Iquitos centre, take a tuk-tuk to BellaVista-Nanay and take the regular ‘shuttle boats’ from the dock. From the dock at Padre Cocha you can take a tuk-tuk or walk. In the dry season, it takes about 15 minutes to walk from the boat landing to the Centre. In the wet season (December to April), the boat may travel all the way to the farm.

  4. Hi, how much does it cost to visit the site?

  5. Prabhakar Mysore Venkat Rao | March 9, 2017 at 9:51 am | Reply

    We are reaching Iquitos on Sunday 30th April at 2.10 pm. Even if we come straight from the airport we may not reach your orphanage by 4.00pm. Is it possible to come after 4.00 pm? We are leaving early next morning on the Amazon river trip. Please help us out:(

    • Hi
      We would really like to help in this situation, but in order to provide the best care, all of our animals have a structured routine in regard to feeding times and rest times, and unfortunately it is not in their best interest to change these. We also depend on volunteers and local staff to work at the centre and we can’t ask them to work these extra hours. We really hope you are able to visit us at some point
      Thank you

  6. Hello, my name is Yasmin, here the 2 of august I was welcomed to a student internship over e-mail, since that I had sent several e-mail,( but I had not heard anything back, I was worried it might had landed in the spam folder. so now I am trying to get a hold of Pilpintuwasi here, I hope thats okay and i hope to hear back from you guys.

  7. We went to the wrong one. The boat driver took us to the dodgy place. We keep telling the boat driver that we wanted to visit Pilpituwasi and asked him again when the boat arrived the port. He confirmed yes this is the one. We felt very bad being ripped off. How can you prevent this? Lots of tourists come to this place. It’s a big shame.

  8. Chris rials-Seitz | February 24, 2016 at 10:02 pm | Reply

    Greetings from Chris and Johnny! we met you about 6 years ago, the two long haired rvellers, so glad to know you are still up and running!

  9. Hello,

    I’m planning to travelling from august in year 2017 for an undeterminate time.
    I will travel all around south america and want to do something for helping the country which I will visit.
    I have read the informations for volunteers on your website and I would love to come and help you.

    For now I’m just looking to schedule my trip. I know it’s really early and I understand if its better to send you a mail next year 😉
    Maybe I have one question; at which time you will need help (I mean which season)?
    and an other one: I love taking pictures and a bit filming, would it be possible to take some of the place and animals? (for sure if then you want some, I’ll give you)

    If you have any questions, informations, just ask.


    p.s I put my website if you want to see some pictures but I don’t really take time to update and take care of it..I will promise 😉

  10. Hi,

    Could you please send me details on the volunteer programs available with dates, costs, details of the program.

    Thank you!


  11. How old can you be to volunteer and how much would it cost?

  12. how can I contact you by phone?

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