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The Port of Iquitos’ Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm and Amazon Animal Orphanage is a unique experience. The owner, Gudrun Sperrer, is devoted to winged beauties and the animals of the Amazon forests. The farm has 42 species of butterfly as well as the leaves, flowers, and fruits they need to live. In addition to butterflies, the farm is home to many “orphaned” jungle animals that Gudrun has adopted to save them. The animals include Pedro Bello, a jaguar a man was trying to sell for a pet; Rosa the Giant Anteater; Chavo the endangered species red-faced Uacary; black Huacary monkeys Zeke…

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Chavo Swinging Through the Trees TravBuddy.com: Pilpintuwasi’s primary work is the butterfly program but they also care for several varieties of monkeys, a tapir, a jaguar, an anteater and other the animals. Each of them is well cared for and each has a name. Many of them are endangered species. The butterfly project involves watching over the life cycle of the butterfly from egg to full fledged butterfly before they are released into the wild. There were more varieties than I could count and it was neat to be surrounded by them in the enclosure and to see them at…

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From KudoTravel.com It is a great place to get a close-up look at animals, and an opportunity to help endangered, uncommon and fragile animals. The organization became an Official Rescue Center for endangered animals in the summer of 2004 and now the farm is home to some 20 animals, including: Rosa, the Giant Anteater Rosa the Giant Anteater, who is an orphan and belongs to an endangered species. Another younger anteater also lives at the Orphanage. They were both brought in by students. Rosa had been living in captivity and the student was concerned that the animal was not getting…

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