Update of 2016 ..and a Happy New Year!

First of all,a late but cordial "Happy new year" to all our friends,volunteers,ex-volunteers,sponsors and visitors. 2016 has been a very busy year for Pilpintuwasi and unfortunately I did neither have time nor have enough help from volunteers to update our page regularily.I apologize for that and want to tell you in a few words about the things that happened during last year.

Sad things first-we lost some of our precious animals-Felix,our red Uakari male,who died after having been sedated and operated because of a big cut on his foot, Marco,the white Cappuchin, also left us and so did our darling Nena,who died suddenly ,as the necropsy showed,dew to a heart attack. All who have known those animals for sure will never forget them.

Fortunately we also had good things happening-we got animals in terrible state,but all of them have recovered very well and are already part of the Pilpintuwasi family. 8 saddle back tamarinds and a squirrel monkey were sent to us from Lima,an ozelot,4 wollie monkeys and 3 Saki monkeys were sent from Tarapoto and ecological police of Iquitos called me to recieve a Titi monkey and a grey woolie monkey baby.

I promise to tell a volunteer to post some pictures this week,as I only have fotos on my I phone-and no idea how to get those on the PC.

I attach a few pictures of the theatre we had last week at Pilpintuwasi-"Las chicas del 8"-6 girls from a village in Belen who together with Jorge Mateo Rodriguez,a young Peruvian artist,have created a piece about conservation/nature/love and came to our centre to show it to the children of Padrecocha and our visitors.The girls have made their own masks,like that amazing Condor,and delighted us with their acting.I want to thank them very much-also many thanks to Teresita,who organized the visit.After the theatre we did a tour through the centre and everybody could ask about and see our animals. Working with children is a very important part of our project as they are the ones who will have to take care of the Amazon area in the future.

I want to thank some people who have done extraordinary work for Pilpintuwasi and the animals during 2016:

R.-our anonymus "Jaguar lady" again has fed Pedro Bello throughout 2016-thank you dear- a big happy roar for you!

I want to thank Jenna,who has been our volunteer coordinator for many years ,but had to stop because she has a job where she is not often within internet reach-you have done an amazing job for Pilpintuwasi and we all wish you the best of luck in your new job-also many thanks to her boyfriend Pete who often helped out!

Now Tina Silva, an ex Peace corps worker and volunteer at Pilpintuwasi, has taken over and started as our volunteer coordinator-I want to thank her very specially too-she is a great zookeeper in San Diego zoo,and as you can imagine very busy-but still she offered her help and has alreay contacted our latest new volunteers.

I want to say a loud THANK YOU to Charlotte and Carrie-2 volunteers from Canada without whose help our Saki monkey Pashmino would not have survived the terrible attack he suffered from some Cappuchin monkeys.The two women actually stayed 2 more extra weeks at Pilpintuwasi to take care of little Pashmino,and lost their chance of visiting Cuzco and other places of Peru,because finally they spent all their holidays helping at the rescue centre.I will never be able to thank you enough-I hope you can come back one day and see how well Pashmino has developed.


I also want to thank A.D.I. for helping us with money for feeding the animals they sent us in 2015 and for paying a helper-Chris.

Pilpintuwasi had very big expences during the last year. We continued with the wire mesh tunnel that separates visitors from animals and have about 50% of the walk way covered.This was possible due to the herency I got from my dear mum who died in February.

We hope to finish the whole walkway in 2017 and be able to release a few more animals-let them roam free without having to worry about the visitors` things or their safety!

We also had to build/get built a well,as we noticed that our water was quite contaminated.The well had to be 40 meters deep in order to find almost perfect water! This cost over 3000 U$ ,we didn`t get any help.so now we do have the clean water,but still have to carry it in buckets to the animals and enclosures as we do not have enough money to buy the tank,another pump and the connections. Any help will be very appreciated!

I just got a call from the regional government-they want me to get a boa constrictor they confiscated in the morning..

Sorry again for not updating regularily-we will try to do much better in this new year!

If I have forgotten anybody-Dianne,I am thinking of you-who is or was helping us-I apologize.

I wish everybody a happy,healthy and successful 2017-and that more people get conscious about animal trade and -suffering and help us to stop it.

Thanks and love from all of us at Pilpintuwasi


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