Wooly Monkey Wednesday

Here is an insight into the wooly monkey routine!

Fabiola is the newest addition to the group and was rescued only a few weeks ago from a household environment in Iquitos where she was fed cookies and fizzy drinks. When she first arrived she was a timid individual which didn’t interact with the other members of the group nor with Pilpintuwasi workers. Now, however, she is much more comfortable and is often found basking in the sun. She also has learned how to get the most desirable fruits at feeding time by racing to the tables and snatching the most precious items before Nena arrives.

Nena is the largest and oldest wooly in the group. She is an adult female who was rescued and brought to her new home by ADI along with Fausto and Panchita (whose curious face you can see close up in one of the photos). She was originally confiscated from a restaurant and due to a diet which consisted of fried foods she suffered from kidney problems. After intensive treatment and some uncertain weeks Nena recovered and regained her famous wooly monkey figure. She spends her day foraging for food and resting on her tree trunk throne or on one of the many hammocks in their enclosure.

More updates on wooly monkey antics soon!

Rebecca Simmonds

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