Welcome Genie!

Genie2Meet Genie, the saddleback tamarin monkey who recently arrived in Pilpintuwasi after being confiscated by the Ecological Police in Iquitos.

When brought to Pilpintuwasi she was very dehydrated and lapped up the rehydrating liquid and devoured a banana followed by some maggots for dessert. We removed the rope with which she was tied by the waist and she was freed into her new enclosure.

UntitledThe veterinary checks proved that she was not suffering from any serious diseases or wounds. She was treated for parasites but will continue to be in quarantine for some time more until she is ready to be introduced to enclosures with other small primate groups.
Genie3She is always ‘giving the middle finger’ but this is due to a previous injury which inhibits the mobility of the digit and not because of a bad-ass attitude. She is very accustomed to people and enjoys being stroked as she stretches on branches like a little cat.

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