The Real Pilpintuwasi

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A warning for all of our visitors: There is a new butterfly house appropriately named ‘Mariposario Nuevo’ which has been in operation for many months. The founder, an ex-worker at Pilpintuwasi, works with guides on a commission based system and many visitors are decieved into visiting the new butterfly house whilst under the impression that they are visiting Pilpintuwasi. We have been told by people who have visited that they have been very disappointed with their tour as they saw very few butterflies and caterpillars. In Pilpintuwasi we are currently breeding 17 different species – we do not hunt wild butterflies.

pilpintuwasi_animales_20Pilpintuwasi is just a few hundred metres from the new butterfly house by road or water. Look out for the Pilpintuwasi logos and signs. (See photos). Here are photos of the entrance to the new butterfly house to help avoid confusion!

This new butterfly house changes the entrance fees depending on the tourist.

Pilpintuwasi’s prices are (in soles): Adults: 20 Students: 10 Children: 5

Discounted price for locals/ Precio para nacionales de Peru: Adultos: 10 Estudiantes: 5 Niños: 3

pilp sign pilp sign 3 pilp sign 2Some visitors have been told that Pilpintuwasi is closed, that we have dangerous animals, that we have no animals, that the new butterfly house is Pilpintuwasi’s butterfly house and the real Pilpintuwasi is just animals…the lies continue. We are closed only on a Monday and opening hours are from 9am-4pm. If we had dangerous animals we would have been shut down already by the authorities. We are both a butterfly farm and an animal rescue centre. Don’t be fooled or cheated out of visiting Pilpintuwasi and seeing the butterflies, their life cycle and all of the rescued amazonian wildlife.

20160119_162728[1]We have received multiple negative comments on Trip Advisor from unhappy visitors of the new butterfly house who leave have left a comment under our name because they assume that they have visited Pilpintuwasi. Those who have visited Pilpintuwasi or volunteered could help us even more by leaving a comment on Trip Advisor to help recover our good ratings and keep people coming to visit us!

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