New Arrivals at Pilpintuwasi



IMG_4128[1]Even though we were only expecting 10 capuchin monkeys to arrive at Pilpintuwasi, in the end the number of new arrivals increased to 38. These animals have all been exploited and are products of illegal animal trafficking and, before coming to Pilpintuwasi, had never seen or experienced their natural habitat.

We now have 9 black capuchins which are all young males and have been rescued from different places all over Peru. Their names are David, Mark, Neko, Pedrito, Loquito, Dr. Mel, Otto, Valentino and Wally. Julio, a young black capuchin that has been in Pilpintuwasi for longer, has also been integrated into the group and now spends his time socializing with members of his own species.

In addition to the black capuchins we also have 6 white capuchins which live in a separate enclosure and are named Lucy, Peka, Sandi, Chuky, Marco and Valeria and all of which have distinct characters. When Lucy first arrived she had bald patches but now her hair has started to grow back. Marco loves the fruit named shimbillo which is a member of the guava family and at feeding times collects all of them and runs off to eat them before any of the others take them.

3 adorable wooly monkeys arrived as well which are named Nena, Panchita and Fausto. Nena is the biggest of the three and she eats with gluttony. Panchita is the middle sized female and Fausto is the baby male of the group and has a big potbelly. Fausto when he first arrived was very clingy but now after time to accustom he is more independent and socializes with Nena and Panchita.

In the enclosure opposite the wooly monkeys live 6 squirrel monkeys, three of which were residents in Pilpintuwasi before and the other 3 are new arrivals. The 3 new squirrel monkeys were skinny with patchy hair and timid when they arrived, however, now they have gained weight and their hair has grown and they are more confident in their surroundings.

We have four kinkajous which are nocturnal so generally sleep throughout the day and only wake up for breakfast and dinner which includes bananas, papaya and other fresh fruits. We have two females one named Hera and the other Diana and also two males which are named Zeus and Igor. Diana is very affectionate and loves to climb up on your shoulder and sleep.

The coatis feed on fruits as well but also eat insects so they spend their day foraging in their enclosure. Maxi, who has been in Pilpintuwasi for years, has been integrated into the new group which resembles how they would live in the wild.

The last of the animals to mention are the spider monkeys which are named Pepe, Mateo, Valeria, Cindy and Samantha. Pepe was rescued from the circus and the others were recovered from illegal trade. These monkeys favourite food are bananas and they eat them and the skin. They have long limbs and do acrobatics swinging from branches with their tails.

We’re working on getting some pictures of all of our new arrivals and the new homes we’ve built them so these should be uploaded soon. In the meantime, please share news of our new residents. If anybody is interested in sponsoring any of our animals please read  how on our sponsorship page

For more information about this amazing rescue see this post on the ADI site 


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