News April 2015

The big boy FelixIt has been a very busy month at Pilpintuwasi, getting everything ready before our new animals to arrive. All the last bits and pieces are being done and soon we will let you know how our new monkeys are doing in their new homes.





Harry the ocelot on a walk in the jungleMeanwhile, all our other animals are doing just fine! Chibolo the tapir seems to like his new home very much, Harry the ocelot enjoys her walks in the jungle in the company of our volunteers and finally, Felix, our teenage red uakari monkey has fallen in love with our volunteer Carrie! So, congratulation to the couple!Felix in love with Carrie





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Last month,on the 15th March, Pilpintuwasi volunteers and friends took part in a peaceful demonstration for animal rights, through the streets of Iquitos. The attendance was high and hopefully it helped to increase local awareness that animals should be treated with respect and that cruelty against animals is not only present, but a cause to stand against. The press and TV were present and even made a short interview with one of our volunteers while marching through the town centre.10995888_10152702788153616_1837870579071587920_n[1]

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