Food for the Animals

Pgymy Marmoset
Our Pygmy Marmosets

Questions frequently arrive about caring for our animals and how we use funds so here’s a quick overview.

Details and cost of feeding the animals are detailed on our Contributions and Sponsorships pages.

Breeding food for many of the animals is problematic as our monkeys are free and it would mean more labor and potential veterinarian problems (along with fees), so ultimately it would probably not be less expensive than buying food.

We breed meal worms (Tenebrios) for some of the animals who need substantial protein in their diet.

Fortunately, some of our project is self-sustaining, i.e. plants needed for the butterflies are grown at the Farm and are practically all the plants we need for them.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFor the Uakari monkeys we have planted more than 60 different tree species and over 160 saplings; they eat either their shootings or the seeds. Some of the plants are already producing and many will have to grow a few more years.

Some of our animals, including tapirs and anteaters roam the forest floor finding their own delicacies. We supply additional food as necessary for their health.

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