Thanks To Our Donors

Sabine and Klaus Marion: Friends from Germany who helped us with moving the manatee to the Orphanage

Mrs. Demeter Kraanj, Poland

Dianne Levy: In honor of family and friends

Alan and Janine: Volunteers from England (Image right, below, feeding the tapir.)

Girls on Top from Australia: Jade, Emma and Saffy, who established and stocked a gift shop for Pilpintuwasi. Take a few minutes to read their story of their visit to the Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi.

howlerMonkeyDreessen, Kris: The Friends Project:
While working with scientists in the Yavari/Loreto region, a $50 donation to help care for a baby howler monkey.

Guy Oliver: Donating time to help with the Manatee

Cinthia Quiñonez: Chula Vista, California

Gary Levy: A big-hearted person from California: he talked his family into helping by building this website.

P. Earle, California: In loving memory of my daughter, Melissa

Susan Gardner, Illinois: For Pedro Bello

Mrs. Irene, Poland

L. Hewett, California: In honor of the Amazon Animal Orphanage

D. A. Levy, California: In honor of Gudrun and her volunteers!

Roxie Walker

Karen Wells, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Thanks to all our anonymous donors.

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