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From Gratuitous Giving’s website:

This is a cool volunteer opportunity for those interested in ecology and conservation.

Live in the jungle with some really amazing animals!

The Amazon Animal Orphanage & Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm is near the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon – Iquitos. It’s a rescue and temporary orphanage for wildlife which houses animals in a semi-captive environment.

Kinkajou200Here are some of the volunteer tasks:

Volunteers help with guiding tours of the facility, in English and any other languages you may speak.

There are many varied tasks to do for the animals everyday- feeding the monkeys every morning, making monkey toys and designing enrichment activities for the animals, walking the coatis and ocelot, just to name a few.

Volunteers may also help with the butterflies – collecting eggs and maintaining the plants in our mariposario. You may end up gardening or helping to maintain enclosures.

Volunteers generally work six days a week and should stay for at least three weeks. Spanish, construction or animal-related skills would be useful.

Volunteers can stay in the village with a host family or in a hostel for approximately S/10-S/30 ($4-12 USD) per day.


Iquitos (Listeni/ɪkɪtɵs/) is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest and the fifth-largest city of Peru. It is also the capital city of the Loreto Region and Maynas Province.

Located in the Amazon Basin, the city is along the Amazon, Nanay and Itaya rivers. Its name in Iquito language translates to “the people.”

The city proper with its four districts has a population of 422,055; 462,783 live within the Iquitos Metropolitan Area, making it in the sixth-largest metropolitan area of the country. The official city nickname is Capital of the Peruvian Amazon.

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