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Iquitos-Moto-TaxisThe Port of Iquitos’ Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm and Amazon Animal Orphanage is a unique experience.

The owner, Gudrun Sperrer, is devoted to winged beauties and the animals of the Amazon forests. The farm has 42 species of butterfly as well as the leaves, flowers, and fruits they need to live.

In addition to butterflies, the farm is home to many “orphaned” jungle animals that Gudrun has adopted to save them. The animals include Pedro Bello, a jaguar a man was trying to sell for a pet; Rosa the Giant Anteater; Chavo the endangered species red-faced Uacary; black Huacary monkeys Zeke and Florian; and Lolita, the orphaned tapir.

Pilpintuwasi is a 15-minute walk (dry season) or 20-minute boat ride (wet season) from Iquitos’ Padre Cocha village on the Nanay River.

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Port of Iquitos

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  1. Algo afín ocurrió con la ganadería de traspatio en la que las familia criaban especies menores para
    complementar su nutrición.

  2. Appreciate the work you are doing and am interested in the posting from Mark Waters of That is a great resource for anyone travelling around the world, especially if they are going in and out of seaports via private or commercial liners. Thank you.

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