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Chavo Swinging Through the Trees

Chavo Swinging Through the Trees Pilpintuwasi’s primary work is the butterfly program but they also care for several varieties of monkeys, a tapir, a jaguar, an anteater and other the animals. Each of them is well cared for and each has a name. Many of them are endangered species. The butterfly project involves watching over the life cycle of the butterfly from egg to full fledged butterfly before they are released into the wild. There were more varieties than I could count and it was neat to be surrounded by them in the enclosure and to see them at each stage in their brief life. Hire a peke-peke motorized canoe at the Bellavvista port to the town of Padre Cocha to reach this important animal rescue facility and attached butterfly garden. Here you’ll find several dozen animals such as a jaguar, monkeys, tapir, and a manatee that have been rescued from the Belen market and abusive owners. The guided tours provide lots of background on the different species, as well as the stories of the individual animals.

From For about $7 U.S., you get to meet a Jaguar, an Ocelot, various monkeys, parrots, and many more animals. The butterfly garden is quite amazing itself, as is the butterfly nursery, where you can see everything from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis opening before your eyes. I’m seriously considering coming back and volunteering for a month or two! If you’re in Iquitos, you must go.

From Pilpintuwasi – what a place! I spent over 10 weeks there volunteering and enjoying my time. Gudrun, the owner, is really passionate about what she’s doing. The animals are amazing! There are the extremely endangered ukari monkeys playing around, the very intelligent Capuchin monkeys opening YOUR self-made toys and colorful speaking macaws and parrots.

 Danke Gudrun für all deine Arbeit! Sei sicher, eines Tages werde ich wieder kommen!

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm
Caution: A fake butterfly farm very close to Pilpintuwasi is making problems.
So please make sure that your guide or boat driver brings you to the real Pilpintuwasi.
Ask for the red faced monkeys and the Austrian owner Gudrun and look for the Pilpintuwasi sign!

Michelin’s Recommendation: Be they are red, blue, black, green or multicoloured, the Amazon is home to an immense variety of butterflies that can be glimpsed in the occasional ray of sunlight. In their natural environment they are however very difficult to get close to and identify. The Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm remedies this shortcoming. From the egg and caterpillar to the winged insect, you will be able to admire them close up to your heart’s content. A visit to the fascinating Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm is highly recommended. This is a conservatory and breeding center for Amazonian butterflies. Butterflies aplenty there certainly are, including the striking blue morpho (Morpho menelaus) and the fearsome-looking owl butterfly (Caligo eurilochus).

But it’s the farm’s exotic animals that steal the show. Raised as orphans and protected within the property are several mischievous monkeys, a tapir, an anteater and Pedro Bello, a majestic jaguar.

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  1. Susan Saavedra | July 1, 2015 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    We are planning to visit you in August. If we hire a boatman to take us from Nanay, can we show up at anytime or do we need reservations? What are your hours for visitors? What is the cost for US citizens, Peruvians and children, as our group will include a combination. Thank you!

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