Princesa’s Baby!

Princesa, one of our red Uakaris, has a baby!!!

We knew that she was pregnant but didn´t tell anybody as it’s extremely rare that the Uakaris have offspring outside their natural habitat; I was quite worried wondering if Princesa would know what to do during, and especially after birth.

Her mother was killed when she was a baby, she has never seen another female having a baby, nursing and carrying it. . . maybe she would want to get rid of that creature that gave her so much pain…those were my thoughts. Besides, nobody knew when the baby would be born.

Princess and Baby Uakari

The first image was taken just after birth. Princesa still seemed to be wondering what happened.

Scientists say that red Uakaris have their babies during the months of August to October; Princesa already had a real big belly in October, so we waited every day… and her belly got bigger and bigger.

Finally on November 23, at 6 a.m., she came down from a tree, and within ten minutes the baby was born.

She bit through the umbilical cord, and then, as the other monkeys were curiously coming near, she jumped on Gudrun’s back wanting to be carried away.

That day and the day after giving birth, Mother and baby stayed inside.

On the third day, Princesa was out and up in the canopy, never letting anybody, neither human nor animal see her baby. She´s a very good and protective mummy. The baby, whose gender we don´t know yet, is always clinging to the mother — not riding on her back but holding on very tightly around her waist, even upside down!

IMPORTANT: Please note that these rare photos by Gudrun Sperrer at Pilpintuwasi are copyrighted. We are establishing a system for anyone who wishes to purchase a copy for personal use, and a separate system for publishing use. There are few (if any) pictures of newborn Uakaris in the world. Protecting these images is important to the support of our work with endangered species and rescuing threatened animals. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you have interest in covering this unique birth and the story of the Amazon Animal Orphanage, please contact Gudrun at Pilpintuwasi @ or Pilpintuwasi @  Thank you.

As there is very little known about red Uakaris, in addition to the images, we are compiling a publication regarding changes in the little one; this will help determine the age of rescued Uakaris and help achieve our goal of protecting rare wildlife.

Endangered Animals

Princesa and Baby Uakari

Princesa and Baby Uakari. c. 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

Red Uakaris are threatened by habitat destruction and hunting. They are hunted in Peru and Brazil for their meat or to be used as bait. The species is protected in Peru, but there are very few measures actually in place to preserve the species.

Chavo and Lora have been at Pilpintuwasi since about 2008. This is exceptional as it is a perfect illustration of how dramatically disparate creatures can live in peace, which seems to be something too many people have not yet learned.

Uakaris prefer swampy or flooded tropical forests that are found along small rivers and lakes for their habitat. They are very intelligent and form large social groups of up to 100 individuals. When foraging, they prefer to split up into smaller groups of up to ten. They are active only in the day and at night climb high into the trees to sleep. Uakaris are herbivorous and feed on seeds, grain, ripe fruits, leaves, nectar, and insects. Mating occurs between October and May, and it is not known how long the gestation period lasts. Females give birth to one young every two years, and the young are nursed for three to five months.

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