Good News for Pedro!

Hello everyone,

I have a few updates for all of you on this first day of December.


Handsome Pedro is now eight and a half years old, and is as beautiful and aloof as ever.

First, Gudrun and the Pilpintuwasi staff would like to recognize the very generous continuing support of the anonymous sponsor of Pedro Bello, our resident jaguar.

This special supporter of Pilpintuwasi has once again gifted Pedro with a year of food and maintenance. The support of our anonymous donor is greatly appreciated – with a daily diet consisting of 4 kilograms of meat, plus cage repairs and other costs, Pedro is our most costly animal, and the support of our donor allows us to provide him with the best care possible. Thank you!

Our handsome Pedro is now eight and a half years old, and is as beautiful and aloof as ever.

Jaguars, Panthera onca, are the largest felines in the Americas, and the third largest big cats in the world. They are found throughout Central and South America, though in small numbers- they are listed as Near Threatened on the CITES index, mostly due to hunting and fragmentation of their habitat.


Jaguars: A fearsome stalk and ambush predator

A fearsome stalk and ambush predator, jaguars hunt anything from tapirs to rodents to fish. They have extremely powerful jaws that allow them to actually bite through the skull of their prey.

Jaguars are solitary, reclusive animals, and our Pedro is a good example of this. Despite being raised in captivity, he prefers to be left alone.


Pedro at his swimming pool

We do our best to keep Pedro as undisturbed as possible by giving him a large enclosure complete with swimming pool – another donation given by his generous caretaker, and allowing him his privacy.

Pedro is well looked after, but if anyone is interested in sponsoring any of our other animals you have read about, please contact us in the comments section, or by sending an email to

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