Marmosets and Sloths

We have three new animals since I last wrote to you:
122011Marmoset300An adult marmoset who was confiscated in the port of Iquitos, another three-toed sloth baby who was confiscated on the street, and an adult three-toed sloth.The adult sloth was dropped at my veterinarian’s by a lodge owner. He had taken the animal out of its habitat and hung it near the bungalows of his lodge as an extra attraction, but I don’t know what he hung the animal on. It fell and broke its hip and its right arm. My veterinarian first thought the animal would die, but after having survived a week on pure saline solution, the animal started to have an appetite; its food is only leaves of the Cecropia tree, which are not so easy to find in town.

The vet told me he called the lodge owner to tell him that he should take the anmal back to his lodge and take care of it. But that irresponsible lodge owner (believe me I wrote another word first!) told him he wouldn’t take care of a sick animal and it should be euthanized.122011threeToedSloth300Dr Miguel, my vet, is an animal lover too; he told me the story and asked me to take care of the sloth. As this animal needs to be taken care of for at least another two months, I accepted. It’s a male, and now he seems to have understood that we only want to help him, and doesn’t try to bite anymore, so we also gave him a name: Beto. He has to stay in quarantine with a pillow between his legs and he made himself comfortable half hanging on a thick branch. He is eating well, and is the other little sloth and the monkey.

I also wanted to thank you for all the other ideas to help Pilpintuwasi such as the airline tickets etc. It will help if people purchase their airline tickets through that link! We could really use the help to feed the animals and for medicine. I have asked a Peruvian friend who lives in Lima to find out there about PayPal or any other way to be able to get donations.

I hope everyone had happy and peaceful holidays. I spent them like any other day, but in the evening I celebrated with good sweets and new books also from Austria.

Fortunately all the animals are fine. Even Beto seems to be getting better. All I want for the new Year is health for all of us, including you(r) and my family, and more visitors and volunteers for 2012.

All the best for 2012!!
Love Gudrun

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