A New Baby. Tony Is In Jail!

There are a few important things I wanted everyone to know before I update with our new babies . . .

Thanks to Amazon Cares NGO, I recently received $145 (U.S.) donation!

Now an ex-volunteer who has helped me a lot while he was here, and wants to keep helping, has opened a pay pal account for Pilpintuwasi. Links are on our site!

Harry, the baby ocelot

We also got a little ocelot in March. The ecological police. confiscated it three weeks ago; there’s was for him to go as the vet cannot keep in any longer, so we found a home for the little cat.

First it weighed less than a kilo; now Harry— that’s her name —weighs 5kgs.

A Reminder:

Please do not buy baby animals; the black market has to be stopped and won’t be as long as people can sell these orphaned animals to unsuspecting tourists.

The sellers generally have killed the parents of the animals; parents do not abandon their animals in the wild.

We got a new anteater — again the mother was hunted and eaten, and the baby left at Pilpintuwasi — with a bullet wound. She’s also named Rosita. Her caretaker — a boy from the village — carries her around and looks for ant nests for her. The vet cured her bullet wound.

Rosita has been here a month — she’s still very small, weighs 4kgs she needs extra proteins, similar to those used by a bodybuilder. It is more expensive to feed her right now than the jaguar as she consumes weekly three jars of powdered milk without lactosis, needs daily vitamin K and the proteins. Cross all your fingers please that she gets big and strong.

Last week I also got two baby sloths from some people who had killed the mothers to eat them.

Chavo is fortunately still with us, but we have not yet found a medication that really helps with her epileptic seizures. Some veterinarians recommended Potasium Bromide, but I don’t have exact information about how to use that drug, so she’s still on Fenitoina. It’s almost a miracle that she’s still so nice and good natured.

Toni the Pickpocket

Toni and the baby cappuchin.

Tony adopted the baby and all are fine

Toni the pickpocket had to be put into jail.

She started to get really aggressive with human females, bit a few girls, and finally we had to put her in a cage, together with Junior, the black Capuchin, who started to bite children.

Both of them now have company — a little white-fronted Capuchin who was dropped at the farm by a tourist, who had bought her on the way to Iquitos in one of the boats.

Tony adopted the baby and all of them are fine.

Best wishes and all my love,Gudrun

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