History 2009

august 2009

Chavo.I don’t remember if I told you last time that my beloved Chavo (the oldest and first red Uacary I have ) has been having epileptic seizures since about 14 months ago. Nobody knows the reason and he’s getting worse and worse.

He has to take medication (Phenobarbital), but we are already giving him the highest dosage and 3 weeks ago it seemed not to help him anymore as he got up to 2 seizures daily! For a monkey it’s much worse to suffer those seizures than for a human being as he might be up in the trees, on top of the water, when he gets a seizure.

Luckily he has had almost all of the seizures during the night, when he’s in the house. But you can imagine how worried I am.

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fall update

We had very nice volunteers during the last few months. Luckily we get more visitors, so I have one more worker or it would be impossible to do classes at the university again.

Owl monkey.Winston, for example, needs his milk every 2-3 hours, the sloth’s have to eat every four and the little owl monkey (image here) has to go through parasite treatment.

Chavo alone has to take his medicine 3 times a day. We have to trick him because his medicine is bitter and the vitamin B he takes (to protect his liver from medications) smells, so we have to hide it well in special food or drink.


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