History July 2008

july 2008

Pedros teeth are in excellent health.The results from the veterinarian were good—they loved Pedro’s big beautiful teeth; he is in very good health.

Junior, who meanwhile turned into an even better pickpocket than Tony. Igor, the howler monkey has been with us over two years now, and turned out to be a female . . . like Argus (Gudrun is holding Argus in the photo on the right). Both juvenile howlers started to show that they are females when the baby, Ali, arrived; since then they “howl.” It’s impressive how loud those two monkeys can be— now they like to greet visitors with their call.

Toni, the pickpocket,who always helps me to take care of the babies—she’s a thief, but she’s very maternal, and it doesn’t matter what specie a new baby monkey is—she loves each one and defends them.

There are also two pictures of a beautiful little snake I found inside the butterfly area-I haven’t found it in my reptile book-so if anybody knows what specie it is, please send me an e-mail!

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pedro, junior, etc.

DWA has been helping with the animals’ health checks (they’ll come back soon to analyze all our monkeys, as here in Iquitos we don’t have the possibility of such checkups) and they also brought vitamins, some money and a piece of incredible wire mesh,which can help to finish the cage we are building.

Argus a female baby howler monkey.We are building two monkey cages—one for the capuchins, where we will only put them if they get too naughty, and another one for eventual new arrivals, who need to be protected from the other monkeys. I bought the mesh already in Lima, but it takes several weeks to get it here as it comes per boat.

Ah, I just saw how late it is—I have to go to the market-tomorrow is “SAN JUAN” (Saint John), which is the most important holiday of Iquitos, and everything will be closed. I hope everyone is fine!

Love from the animals, and me.


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