January to May 2008

Red UacaryThere is so much news that I don’t know how far back to go. Last September, the “Girls on Top” from Australia left a donation, and are planning on visiting again this year between August and October.

We are also in contact with the Dallas World Aquarium—the owner, Daryl, has been helping in manatee rescue for the last half year here in Iquitos. That’s how we met him: He heard that our manatee was in good health, so first thing he did was to send $500 US for Marbino in November and now he also helps us by bringing world’s best vets for wildlife to Pilpintuwasi.

Finally we could check on Pedro Bello — and learned that he’s in VERY good health; we also want to do certain analysis with the other animals.

The animals haven’t changed much — although we suffered the loss of Florian, the male Saki monkey, who died in March due to a strange bacterial infection.

We have another red Uakari — a very cute little female, who’s called Angie (she likes me to sing Mick Jagger’s song, when I put her to sleep).

Red Uacary She was brought by the people who work with Dallas World Aquarium; they found her in a tiny bird cage in a lodge and fortunately convinced the “owner” that the little monkey would have a much better chance for survival if it came to Pilpintuwasi.

Ah, and I think you haven’t seen Ali yet-another howler, that arrived weighing only 300 gramms late August, now is already about 2 kgs.

One funny thing about the inpact of his arrival — the two other howlers suddenly started to “howl”, besides they are showing now that they are females, and no males, as everybody thought. So now we have female Argus and Igor. . . .

As Ali arrived VERY small, he is quite spoiled — in April he was already getting quite independent, but then Angie appeared and rests on my neck-so now Ali again wants to be on me just because he’s jealous.

We have received a large donation from Roxie Walker again; she is the lady who financed the cage for Pedro Bello the Jaguar. And she just sent $5000 US for Pedro Bello again at the end of 2007.

Here everything and everybody is fine-although we’ll have to do a dental operation on Zecke, the Saki monkey, within a few weeks. She has a bad infection, as the Brazilian vet, who came with Daryl from Dallas last weekend, discovered.

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