New Photos, New “Guests”

December 16, 2006

I’m sorry I didn’t write any sooner—I’ve been quite busy at the university because it’s exam time and we had school classes visiting Pilpintuwasi and the Animal Orphanage.
06DecAgoutyWe have new pictures of Chavo, little Pauly (the two red Uacaries), Zecke (the Saki monkey), Tony Piraña (the white Capuchin) and another of the boa constrictor we found in the Agouti cage killing one of the rodents. While I went for the camera, Robler took the Agouti out of the boa’s hold and then we carried the boa to the other end of our land.

The snake is about 2m long and quite heavy. We’ve found those boas several times at Pilpintuwasi, but this one is too big to leave around our rescued animals.

Here’s what hatched out of the big larva—a beautiful big beetle, as large as Roblar’s hand! I’m sorry I cannot remember its name, but it’s one of the kind collectors come looking for in the Amazon.

Two beetles have hatched—we had three larva, so we’ll wait a little bit more to see if all of them hatch. The two that hatched looked completely alike, so I assume they are the same sex and we released them already.

06DecBeetle200When the first one hatched (inside our hatchery) it was a big surprise: When we went to clean the caterpillars’ cages in the early morning, that big beetle was “waiting for us” at the door, opening and closing his ‘claws, pincers’ (or how one calls them) in a very aggressive way. He seemed to be the caterpillars’ body guard.

We wish you and all the people who are helping Pilpintuwasi to be able to take good care of the animals a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE BEST FOR 2007.

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