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Welcome to The Amazon Animal Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm.

The Amazon Animal Orphanage and The Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm are in the same location in Peru. Information for both are included throughout the site.

The Animal Orphange

Pilpintuwasi is a wildlife rescue and temporary custody center located on 20 hectares of land in the village of Padre Cocha, 20 minutes outside of Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting animals affected by the poaching and trafficking industry which thrives in Iquitos.

We work with the ecological police to take in animals confiscated from markets, airports and homes, which often arrive with injuries and malnourishment.

SAM_2035-300x225We believe in a semi-captive environment; once recovered, where possible, some our animals live free of cages or in enclosures mimicking their natural environment.

We have many species living with us; various monkey species, coatis, capybara, ocelot, jaguar and more.

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly farm

Gudrun Sperrer’s dream was to work with animals, including breeding one of the world’s most beautiful creatures — butterflies. She started Pilpintuwasi, where you will see the complete lifecycle and the impressive development of butterflies.

The Project

We are a small organization and our work is only able to thrive due to the work of our 7 local employees and the generous volunteers, who dedicate their time and energy to our cause.

Please visit us in Iquitos! Iquitos is situated near the confluence of the Nanay and Amazon rivers. Our butterfly farm and Animal Orphanage are on the banks of the Nanay River. The Amazon River begins as hundreds of tiny streams high in the Peruvian Andes, some of them within 100 miles of the Pacific Ocean. Rushing down the slopes, streams merge to form larger and larger rivers. Near Iquitos in eastern Peru, the northeastward flowing Ucayali and the Rio Maranon, the two main headwaters of the Amazon, unite to form a truly major river. Iquitos is the point farthest upstream that shallow draft-freighters and passenger vessels can penetrate (deep-water ships can reach as far as Manaus in central Brazil).

IMPORTANT: More and more tourists think they are helping exotic animals by buying them from a random person on the street who claims to have “found it abandoned in the jungle.” While tourists mean well, purchasing such an animal anywhere in the world exacerbates the problem by creating a black market.

No animals leave offspring before they are able to survive on their own. Every animal being sold on the street is there because its parent was killed, perhaps by the person trying to sell it! And every animal being sold on the street is in ill health.

Should you purchase such an animal, albeit well-meaning, you are actually giving the seller a reason to kill another parent in order to sell its offspring, and you are putting yourself in jeopardy because the purchase of an exotic creature is illegal in all countries.

If the animals are lucky, they are brought to a center such as the Amazon Animal Orphanage. But that will not stop the problem. Only you can help stop this problem. Do not buy animals from street vendors. Report them to local authorities.

Please, before visiting open habitats, read National Geographic or watch Animal Planet, both of which caution against purchasing exotic creatures and both of which provide information about the illegality of purchasing exotic animals.

To Visit

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  1. Hi I’m in iquitos for a week and would like to visit. How much is it and how do I get there?

  2. Firstly I would like to congratulate for the excelente work in rare wildlife conservation!

    Is it possible to program a visit? Is it possible to contribute to your work by credit card donations?

    • Hi Elisas, Thank you for your kind comments. You can visit anytime, please see out website for details on how to get to us and opening times, if you have any special requirements please let me know. If you wish to make a one off or continuos donation this is great and easy to set up, there is a donation button on the webpage and I can send you information of animals or projects that you can sponsor- the email is volunteeratpilpintuwasi@gmail.com

      Best wishes


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